Create the GANTT chart view for a one-page summary

One Page Gantt Chart View

Present your plan to leaders and outside stakeholders.

Create the GANTT / 30-60-90 day one page overview to share the project plan to others

This was one of my favorite topics as it showed us a complete picture of the project. It was also the driver of the core team's meeting and helped keep us on schedule.
I used the GANTT chart and it was very helpful. 

Now that you have done the hard work of creating the milestones and high level tasks, prepare your project plan to share with others.

You can simply share the plan by hiding the tasks in your excel plan and show only the milestones.

To do this, highlight (select) the rows and then hold down the control key, right click and select the HIDE command to hide these rows.

Once you hide all of these tasks, you will be left with this view of your project plan.

Alternatively, you could choose to use the powerpoint template format for a more clean, easy to present view. See this template attached in this lesson.

Whichever format you choose to use with your team and stakeholders, this becomes your baseline project plan. As your project continues and changes, this view could change.

Your team will use a more detailed task tracker to manage the activities supporting these milestones.

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